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What is your returns, refunds & exchanges policy?

Please understand that due to the fact that every piece made by Wynter May Designs is custom made to the clients specific preferences and/or measurements, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

Only exception is if customer received wrong order, or garment was damaged when received. Customer must provide with photograph proof of damaged or incorrect order and emailed to

Please allow 2-4 days for review and determination.

What happens if I put down a deposit and then decide to cancel my order?


Due to garments being custom made for each customer, once the order is placed any payments made towards the balance will not be refunded. 

If you have any questions about what the deposit will be for your garment, or cancellation requests please contact the designer directly.

Do you provide payment plans?

Yes, Wynter May Designs can provide payment plans for you on any custom garment ordered. After the deposit is made, the remaining balance can be split up into payments for you.

Once a payment plan has started, you must complete that payment plan in FULL before receiving your finished garment. 

Please keep in mind that any payments made towards your remaining balance will not be refunded for any circumstance. 

What happens if I need alterations before my event?

If you are located here in Michigan, Wynter May Designs does provide free alterations only on garments made by us.

If you are an out of state customer it is highly recommended that you seek out a local seamstress in your area for quicker results. If you are out of state and you would like us to alter garment for you please keep in mind that you will be responsible for shipping costs to have garment shipped here for alterations and then shipped back to you; also expect potential time delays. 

If any alterations include having to order more material/embellishments there will be an additional charge to cover costs. 

Please feel free to reach out if your question wasn’t included or addressed in the information provided above.

Thank You!

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